2012 Sauvignon Blanc

Winemaking: Grapes are hand harvested and pressed very gently with minimal skin contact. The juices from different lots were fermented separately using aromatically expressive wine yeasts. Fermentation was carried out cold at 60F and lasted 2 weeks. This wine is un-oaked with no Malo-Lactic Fermentation. The wine was blended then bentonite fined for heat stability, cold stabilized and sterile filtered before bottling. 

Growing Conditions: 2012 featured a great vintage across the east coast. Here on Long Island, a warm snowless winter turned into one of the hottest, earliest springs on record. Budbreak in April started as early as the 10th, which increased the risk of frost at some sites. Summer brought copious heat and sunshine, with sustained temperatures in the 90’s. With minimal rainfall some near-drought conditions were prevalent across the region throughout the summer months. With the heat came the humidity and disease pressure persisted through the growing season. A cooler wet September & October slowed ripening and increased disease. This caused many growers to make harvest decisions based on weather and rot, which culminated in all grapes being harvested before hurricane Sandy hit the region on October 29th.

Overall yields and sugar levels were lower than expected but flavors developed perfectly and tannins were able to fully ripen. For what was harvested at the right time this may turn out to be a perfect season, with wines showing excellent natural balance of ripe fruit and tannin structure, with a cool fall preserving acidity, and alcohol levels not to high.